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HotBox Bio-Fireplace from from Planika (#046) Artcode: HotBox


Don�t you think the traditional fireplaces are beautiful but messy? Why not bring this warm focal point back to life with the help of Planika�s new bio-fireplace � the Hotbox. HotBox is a perfect match for both modern and traditional fireplaces.

With the HotBox bio-fireplace installed into an existing fireplace, its functionality is instantly upgraded. You can literally insert the unit into the old fireplace. Moreover, the HotBox features BEV technology (Burning Ethanol Vapours Technology) which improves the burning process and elongates the burning time.

The convenient thing about the HotBox is that it does not require any cleaning and you don't have to worry about proper ventilation or cleaning the flue, because the device is vent-free.

The Hotbox is absolutely safe and odourless, because the only by-products are H2O and CO2, emitted in amounts comparable to those of human breath. It can be a good match for small apartments or any other home where it is impossible to install a chimney and set up a traditional fireplace.

The HotBox bio-fireplace is equipped with numerous safety sensors (such as overflow and temperature sensors) and its flame can be regulated. To ensure maximum safety, a child lock has been installed to protect children from being injured. The bio-fire is extremely easy to use due to intelligent electronics with a communication panel.

  • 100% Heat efficient
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to use
  • Safety sensors included
  • No need for a vent or flue
  • Ceramic billets included
  • Fuel capacity: 2.5Lt (2~5hours)
  • Heat output: 3.1 ~ 6.1kw
  • Width: 54.8cm
  • Depth: 31.6cm
  • Height: 19.0cm

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