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Pietro Arosio

Pietro Arosio was born on 20 March 1946 in Lissone near Milan. After graduating from the Monza secondary school for applied arts, he began his career in the research centre of AF&F;, a manufacturer of metal furniture for public environments. This experience helped him clearly define a design philosophy to pursue in the future ad an industrial designer.

In 1972 he started working freelance. From 1978 his work ad a kitchen designer contributed much to his professional expertise, and indeed his first award the Casaviva d'Oro (1978) was for kitchen design. The fundamental aspect of Pietro Arosio's design are simple lines and a constant pursuit of new material and technologies. he carefully plans each tiny detail with the engineering department of the company manufacturing his designs. However, he never underestimate the product's emotional content and on many occasions he has collaborated with internationally acclaimed artists such as Nespolo, Del Pezzo, Hsiao Chin, Tilson, Rotella and Keizo in order to imbue mass-produced products with artistic value.

Some of his work has been shown at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Die Sammlung Museum of Modern Art in Munich. He currently collaborates with the following firms: Aico - aluminium furnishing accessories for the domestic and public environments.
Airon - office furniture systems and accessories.
Ciatti a tavola - kitchen furniture and accessories.
Covre Manifatture - plastic accessories for the home.
Emmebi - home furniture systems and furniture.
Ernestomeda - kitchen furniture.
Kover - sofa-beds.
TacchiniFurniture - upholstered seating environments and furnishing accessories for the both home and public spaces.

Tacchini designs by Pietro Arosio: Happy Hour and Intercity.

Source: Tacchini