Planiika FAQ

Is the product safe?
Yes. There are several elements that ensure Planika Fires are safe, for example:
  1. Certificates
  2. Planika has been awarded numerous certifications such as:
    • German LGA
    • Swedish SITAC
    • European CE
    • UL1370 from OMNI Corp
    • EcoLogo

  3. Rigorous testing
  4. Planika is a leader in the bio-fireplace market and allocates its resources into product research and development. As a result, a special laboratory was built to test all our products before they leave the manufacturer. Products are heated in a special combustion chamber and tested using a thermo-camera.

  5. Fanola®
  6. This special ethanol based fuel was developed especially for Planika fires and is compatible with all Planika products. It is certified, completely safe and recommended for use in our products. Only Fanola can guarantee such clean burning.

  7. Production
  8. To ensure the highest quality and reliability all production takes place in our European manufacturing facility with all elements sourced directly from Europe.

  9. User manual
  10. It is important to read the user's manual before use. If you follow the user's manual there is a 100% safety guarantee.
What sets Planika Fires apart from traditional fireplaces?
Features such as:
  1. No chimney is required
  2. No permissions required, unless your local regulations say so
  3. No hard connections
  4. Simple to use. No need of ash removal or special maintenance
  5. Heat remains in the room as it doesn't escape through the chimney
  6. No need for wood log storage
  7. Mobilty, you can arrange them within an interior as often as you wish
  8. Contemporary design not always applicable to traditional fireplaces
  9. Quick to use, just remove product from the box
  10. Long Fire inserts can be made-to�measure for specific projects
How long will the fire burn for?
It depends on the model, but after filling the burner with Fanola, the flames produced by Fire Line will last for approximately 10 hours, Lighthouse Commerce for up to 7 hours and L-shape for 3 -5 hours. An instruction manual is provided with each product which contains technical details about the product as well as information about burn times.
Is Fanola liquid environmentally friendly?
Yes, it's a liquid based on ethanol which is extracted from seasonal plants. It does not emits any harmful substances and has received a positive review from the EcoLogo program.
Is there any gas emitted from the fireplace while burning?
Only carbon dioxide and water vapour comparable to normal levels are emitted while the fire is burning, making it completely safe for the user.
What is the safety guarantee?
There is a 100% safety guarantee, provided the product is used according to the user's manual. All products are assembled by hand which provides an additional quality check.
Do you need additional ventilation?
No. Additional ventilation is not necessary as natural working ventilation replaces the air in a room naturally (as the name suggests). However, for the use of Planika products the replacement of air in a room must occur at least once per hour. This is the normal ventilation in any premises as per planning permission and building regulations.

The exception is long fireplaces where additional ventilation may be necessary together with the need to install a vent to allow air circulation below the product.
What is the minimum cubic capacity requirement for a Planika Fire used indoors?
It depends on the model, e.g. Groundfloor requires 1560.90 ft3 (44,2 m3) and for Expresione 1836.36 ft3 (52 m3). All technical information is included in the instruction manual provided with the product.
How can I clean a Planika Fire?
Plankia fiires do not need any special maintenance. Depending on manufacturing materials, you can clean the elements with domestic cleaning products.
What is the heating power?
It depends on the product, app. 6000BTU/h. The heating power decreases when the flame is smaller.
Can I use it outside?
Yes, there are few models appropriate for outdoor use.
Do Planika give a guarantee for their products?
Yes, Planika gives a statutory two year warranty within the EU. The warranty period on other territories depends on local laws.
Can I regulate the flame size?
It depends on the model 2L burners are equipped with a burner shutter that allows you to regulate the flame size and in the Fire Line and Fire Line Automatic the flame size can be regulated by remote control.
Can I use a fuel other than Fanola?
Using a different uncertified fuel may lead to the emission of irritating fumes or soot, or even toxic fumes which can endanger your health Fanola is the only fuel we recommend for use in our products.
Does the use of a Planika Fire cause ceiling soot?
No. Fanola burns cleanly and doesn't release any soot. However, you should keep your fire a minimum of 3.28ft from the ceiling.
Are Planika Fires safe for children and animals?
Due to high temperatures keep children and animals away from the product. While burning the product is very hot and touching it may cause burns.
How do I extinguish the fire?
Models based on the Glassfire® technology should be extinguished with a special tool provided with each model. Other Planika Fires have a special shutter enabling flame size regulation as well as fire extinguishing. In Fire Line Automatic the fire is extinguished automatically after pressing the STOP button.
How durable is a Planika Fire? How long can I use a Planika Fire for?
There is no time limit. Elements vulnerable to corrosion are made of stainless steel providing longevity of the product. The product can only be damaged if not used in accordance with the user's manual.
Is additional installation necessary?
No, in most models it is not necessary at all. Only the wall-mounted models require special set up and the Fire Line Automatic needs to be connected to a power supply. Detailed information is given in the instruction manual for each product.
How do I store Fanola liquid fuel?
You should keep it away from any source of fire, children and pets.
Do I need any insulation when building a product into a wall?
In most models it's not necessary. However, depending on the building and decorative materials used, there might be a need to insulate the wall if you are using a wall-mounted fireplace. The steel casing of the Fire Line and Fire Line Automatic models require no additional insulation. Detailed information is given in the instruction manual for each product.
Can I place a TV set or audio equipment close to a Planika Fire?
Yes, provided that you keep at least one metre distance between a Planika Fire and your equipment.
What is Fanola?
It is a liquid ethanolbased fuel which has undergone double rectification. It is eco-friendly, certified and safe to use in Planika Fires.
Why is a chimney not required?
Fanola liquid is a special liquid based on alcohol prepared especially for use in Planika Fires. CO2 and water vapour are the only by-products emitted while burning.
What cubic capacity can a Planika Fire heat?
Planika Fires are not heating but decorative appliances. However, they do produce some heat.
Can I place a Planika Fire on a wooden floor?
Yes, providing this is not a wall-mounted product.
What happens if I leave liquid in the cup after extinguishing the fire?
Nothing will happen. However, on rare occasions the liquid fumes may light up abruptly while starting the fire, and a strange noise may occur.
Will the glass crack due to long exposure to high temperatures?
No, the glass cylinder is based on Glassfire® technology and is temperature resistant.
Can I move the product?
You can only move portable products while they are not burning and there is no fuel in the reservoir. Under no circumstances a burning product should be moved.
What is a Planika Fire made of?
It is made of materials available in the furnishing industry. The burner is made of stainless steel and many models also have glass elements.
Do I need any permission in order to purchase a Planika Fire?
No, there is no permission needed, unless your local regulations state differently.
Is it true that while burning no smoke is produced?
Yes, it is true. No smoke is emitted while the fire is burning.
How much water vapour and carbon dioxide is emitted while burning?
The proportions are similar to those contained in the air exhaled by humans. Amounts produced while burning, provided there is appropriate ventilation, are not harmful.
Is it possible to have a customized Planika Fire?
Wall-mounted inserts can be made- to-measure according to a specific project. Our technical team analyses every project individually and advises on the best solution.
How do I convert a traditional fireplace into a bioethanol fireplace?
Do I need to close the chimney off?
You don't need to convert it, the chimney may stay as a free passage. All you need to do is use one of the inserts.