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Ibon Arrizabalaga

Born in San Sebastian in 1972, Ibon Arrizabalaga graduated in Industrial Design from Escola Massana (Barcelona) in 1996. After completing his training, he joined the SEAT team of designers and modellers at the Technical Centre in Martorell where he worked on the creation and subsequent presentation of the SEAT Altea in Volksburg (Germany). In 1998, he joined Muebles Treku as a designer. Since then Ibon Arrizabalaga has been part of TARTE, the team responsible for managing the design of the Treku product range both for the household and industrial line as well as creating the stands for trade fairs and coordinating the development of catalogues for the company. In line with this, he has also completed several household and industrial interior design projects for Reale insurance, Go�i-Lizarralde and Larrinaga dentists etc. His designs have been presented at trade fairs in Valencia, Cologne and Milan including Orma, Oh-la and Bell beds, the LAU bookcase (Astoria Hotel) and the AISE table (Innobasque). Sobriety, elegance and simplicity are the main hallmarks of his designs.

Source: Treku