Pinuccio Borgonovo

Pinuccio Borgonovo was born in Giussano (Milan-Italy) in 1956. Following his studies at the State Art Institute of Cant�, he joined the design centre of a major furniture company, where he acquired extensive experience in research and development. In 1987, he went free-lance and worked as a consultant for some leading furniture companies. In collaboration with their Gallotti & Radice centres and designers, his creations have become an international success.

Gallotti & Radice designs by Pinuccio Borgonovo: Air Desk 1 Up, Air Desk 1, Air Desk Console, Air Desk Hall, Air Desk L, Air Desk W, Air Drawer 3, Air Drawer, Air Pad, Air Table, Air Unit, Air Up, Air Wheel, Low Air.

Source: Gallotti & Radice