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Angel Mart´┐Ż & Enrique Delamo

Enrique Delamo has a degree in Fashion Design from the Escuela Peris Torres (Valencia). He has worked in product design at ZIRU, Uno Design, Frambuena and Treku to name but a few. Angel Mart´┐Ż has a degree in Industrial Design from the EASD Fashion & Design School (Valencia) and product design from the IED European Design Institute (Milan). His most notable contributions in product design include collaborations with Andrew World, Uno Design, Fambuena and Treku. Since 2006 he has worked with various companies related to home design, carrying out work on design management, image and product design. They have worked for Treku since 2010.


Treku designs by Angel Mart´┐Ż & Enrique Delamo: Lao Bed

Source: Treku