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#051 Bio Fires > Wall Mount Bio Fires Expresione Black Flueless Bio-Fire by Planika
1560.00 GBP ~ New and in stock
Wall mounted black flueless bio ethanol fire comes complete with extinguishing and regulating tools as well as safety and instruction manuals. The Expresione has dimensions (W x H x D) of 900 x 630 x 245mm. Main Features: Stainless steel with brushed aluminium and black enamelled glass • Stainless steel cup & Funnel • Electronic Lighter...

Expresione Black Flueless Bio-Fire

This contemporary alternative to boring gas fires and electric fires - no need for a fireplace, chimney or flue! This new flueless bio fire, the Expresione Black is a wall mounted bio ethanol fire, which creates a new depth of texture to an interior space.

This eco friendly bio fire with its mesmeric flickering flames achieves a hitherto impossible fusion of rustic campfire and contemporary design chic. Our Bio Fires use a specially formulated liquid bio fuel called FANOLA� bio ethanol, which is derived from sustainable and renewable plant extracts. This environmentally friendly bio fuel has been specially formulated through a series of purification and distillation processes and as a result burns without any smoke or smell and does not leave any residue.

Our wall mounted flueless bio fires do not require a flue or chimney and can be installed simply by fixing a hinge directly to your chosen surface. No technical installation is necessary. The flueless Expresione bio fire is only 245mm deep and can be hung on a wall like a picture!

  • Dimensions (mm): W900 H630 D245
  • S/steel with brushed aluminium
  • Stainless steel cup & funnel
  • Electronic Lighter
  • Metal Flame Regulation
  • Extinguishing Tool
  • Metal tool facilitating flame size regulation

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