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Here at Urban Icon, we know the right lighting can make all the difference.
Ceiling lamps are as important a feature in a room as any other furniture; so we take just as much care in ensuring we select the best lighting products as we do with selecting our Sofas or Tables.

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It can be easy to play it safe with your ceiling lights, going for the same old lampshades and trusty chandeliers, however at Urban Icon we believe lighting is as important as any other furniture, and so only the best will do.

If you have a piece of furniture in the centre of a room, you want that piece of furniture to be a truly high quality piece; functional, stylish and durable, so why should your ceiling lights be any different?

Make the most of your light fittings with contemporary statement pieces from our hand selected range of designers.

We welcome to our range the award winning Lampania ceiling lamp by Tabanda - During the Lodz Design Festival 2011 Lampania won the coveted ‘Must Have’ prize for a well designed interiors object/product.

We couldn’t be prouder to be bringing this special item to you, among the rest of our beautiful range.

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