Outdoor Bio fires

Outdoor bio ethanol fires are the clean, safe, stylish and hassle free way to enjoy real flame fire outdoors.

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Nothing quite gives the same atmosphere to a gathering outdoors as a real fire, flickering flames and comforting heat.

But the reality is often less romantic than desired - both the hard work required to create that fire, and the end results, with smoke and ash tarnishing the ambience.

Bio ethanol fires give you all the benefits of a cosy, mesmerising real fire; flickering flames, comforting warmth, and the beauty that only comes from a real flame fire, with none of the drawbacks.

You don’t need to build a bio ethanol fire, there’s no stoking or poking required, and they are clean burning - meaning no black smoke, no ash, and no residue to clean up once the fire is out.

Urban Icon have selected only the most stylish outdoor bio fires to feature on our website, as you can see above. We also stock indoor bio fires and bio fuel.

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