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Totem Commerce Bio Fire

The Totem Commerce bio fire has been designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The base is made from Polystone and its weight combined with the solid round base design makes the Totem very stable.

The glass bowl produces a mesmeric combination of shadow and flickering fire creating an almost torch like quality to any entrance, reception or lobby environment.

The bio ethanol fuel reservoir is made of stainless steel and sits in the heart of the glassfire generating flames for up to seven hours.

  • Dimensions(mm): 444W/444L/1285H
  • Tempered Glass Cylinder on polystone graphite tower
  • Powder coated steel cover
  • 2L Stainless steel resevoir gives up to 7h burning
  • Decorative stones
  • Electronic Lighter and Extinguishing Tool
  • Stainless steel measuring cup & Funnel

Our price: £1020.00 (1530.99) including VAT

Weight 48.00 kgs