Fire Line Electric

Fire Line Electric is the latest, highly functional product by Planika. It is a semi-automatic bio fireplace, in which the user can regulate the size of the flame using the control panel. The device has a 4-degree flame size regulation. Ignition is automatic after setting the device in the ON position, while extinguishing is semi-automatic. The flame self-extinguishes, however the device is turned off after setting it in theOFF position.

Thanks to built-in ventilators no additional ventilation is required. FLE is also equipped with safety sensors: overheat sensor, fuel overflow and movement sensor, which make Fire Line Electric a safe and user-friendly product.

The information about the state of the device is shown on a LED display. Thanks to the unique BEV technology there is no direct contact between the flame and the fuel. The BEV technology is the only such innovative, patented solution. It guarantees smokeless and odourless combustion process, which is controlled by advanced electronics and a microprocessor. This makes Planika bio fireplaces even more reliable, energy-saving and ecological.
  • patented BEV Technology
  • no smoke or smell
  • no permissions required
  • no special installations
  • 4-stage flame size regulation
  • sensors monitoring: CO2 concentration, fuel level, temperature of the device, seismic activity
  • safety certificates: CE, UL, TUV, GOST, PZH
  • 5 litres capacity, burning time extended to about 10 hours
  • made of the highest quality materials, burner made of stainless, acid-proof steel
  • LED display

Our price: £4080.00 (6123.96) including VAT

Weight 17.00 kgs