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L-Shape Bio Fire

The design alternative to boring gas fires and electric fires! The flueless L shape bio fire, is a striking iconic and eco friendly bio ethanol fire. Featured in the House of the Future at Grand Designs Live Exhibition, the flueless bio fire is liberated from a normal fire's constraints of fireplace, hearth and chimney.

This flueless L Shape fire is made from the highest quality glass, stainless steel, veneers and high gloss varnish and exudes a boldness of design personality and craftmanship. At home in the most discerning modern living space whether it be the lounge, reception room or conservatory you don't need a fireplace.

The patented enviromentally friendly bio ethanol fire produces real fire, free of smoke or smell and does not leave any form of residue. You can experience the purity of a bio fire without flue, chimney or technical installation.

The bio fires utilise a unique bio fuel called Fanola� bio ethanol, which is a specially formulated ethanol made from plant extracts. While burning, this environmentally friendly fuel, produces only carbon dioxide and water vapour making it a safe alternative for fire enthusiasts as well as for the environment.

  • Size in mm: 1200W/720H/442D
  • Tempered optiwhite glass sides
  • Seamless single pessed seel 2L fuel Reservoir
  • Stainless steel cup/measuring cup
  • Electronic Lighter & Filling Funnel
  • Flame Regulation and Extinguishing Tool
  • Instruction and Safety manual

Our price: £3480.00 (5223.38) including VAT

Weight 84.00 kgs