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How Bio-Fires Work

Planika Fires, with the exception of the Digifire� range, do not require any technical installation. Planika include easy and detailed instructions for assembly and safe use. You can enjoy real fire within ten minutes of receiving your bio-fire product. Lighting the Planika bio fire is extremely easy and safe. After following the instructions for filling the container with FANOLA� fuel, use a special lighter with an extended tip and you may enjoy the charm of the living fire in an instant.
Planika ethanol fires use a special odourless liquid called FANOLA� bio ethanol. Consequently the Planika bio fire produces no smoke or smell and leaves no residue once burnt. Having been thoroughly tested and approved by specialists from the Environmental Toxicology Department of the National Institute of Hygiene, Fanola� is a safe and environmentally friendly product (providing that the instructions and operations manual is followed). FANOLA� is a biologically clean product of plant origin, which has undergone a triple rectification process during its formulation. It is a completely renewable and sustainable fuel. When burning FANOLA� fuel the only combustion products apart from heat are water vapour and carbon dioxide, which are given off in similar proportions to exhaled human breath.
All Planika products are constructed with the health and safety of the user an absolute priority. In order to verify the quality and safety of Planika products, they have all including FANOLA�, been subjected to rigorous testing and research by the universally acknowledged health and safety certification institutions.

The safety of all Planika appliances and FANOLA� fuel has been confirmed and approved by the T�V, PZH and CNBOP.