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Reflexo Bio Fire (UIC025)

The Reflexo Bio Fire from the Architects Line, is a contemporary bio fire with a modern flat shape designed specifically for the interior specifier, these recessed bio fires are ideal for both domestic and commercial spaces. The Reflexo Bio Fire can be mounted in any wall area with an appropriately prepared recess (300mm) for the bio fire insert and fire proofed surround. These fabulous eco fires utilise environmentally friendly Fanola bio fuel which burns without smoke, smell and leaves no residue. The Reflexo Bio Fire can be located in just about any wall, chimney breast or cavity with the provision of suitably fire resistant material around it (brick, marble, building board etc). There is no need for a flue or chimney, or indeed any additional ventilation assumoing a normally ventilated room with two door access/egress. Add a new interior texture to your room with a new bio fire from Urban Icon.
Reflexo Bio Fire Features
  • Dimensions (mm): W920 H540 D300
  • Wall Insert Preparation Required
  • Stainless steel Frame and Polished Steel Interior
  • Stainless steel cup & plastic Funnel
  • Electronic Lighter
  • Metal Flame Adjustment & Extinguishing Tool
  • Safety & Instruction manual
  • 2L Fuel Reservoir with upto 2hrs 50mins burn time
  • Decorative stone

  • Price: £1785.00 including VAT
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