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Jar Outdoor Bio Fire (UIC027)

Not sure about a firepit but want real flames as a fire feature? Urban Icon has the answer with the incredible Jar bio fire from Planika utilises Glassfire� Technology and is set on a concrete base. This glass bio fire captures the beauty and warmth of dancing flames uses a uniquely formulated bio ethanol derived from plant extracts, which produces no smoke or smell and does not leave any residue once burnt. A combination of glass bio fire, concrete and glass make Jar a piece of contemporary furnishing that can be placed in both indoors and on the patio. The coldness of concrete juxtaposed with the warmth of fire was the idea of the designer Christophe Pillet. Jar allows us to enjoy the ambience of dancing bio flames, and will add an extra dimension to any sophisticated interior or outdoor space.
Jar Outdoor Fire Feature
  • Dimensions(mm): 410 Diam, 771H
  • Concrete base
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • Fuel resevoir gives upto 2h burning
  • Decorative stones & sand
  • Instruction & Safety Manual
  • Electronic Lighter and Extinguishing Tool
  • Stainless steel burner cup & Funnel/LI>
  • Glass cylinder & Outdoor cover

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    Outdoor fire, patio fire, freestanding fire, garden fire feature

    Price: £1150.00 including VAT
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