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Galileo Glass Bio Fire (UIC036)

Looking for a freestanding bio fire feature? The Galileo Glass bio fire is a modern and minimalistic design which would grace any sophisticated interior space. Using innovative Glassfire technology, this unique bio fire harnesses the ambience and warmth of a campfire and fuses it into a contemporary design feature for the home. The Glassfires use a unique and environmentally friendly fuel called Fanola�, which is a specially formulated bio ethanol made from sustainable and renewable plant sources. While burning, Fanola produces only carbon dioxide and water vapour in similar proportions to exhaled human breath.
Galileo Glass Bio Fire
  • Dimensions(mm): 370 Diam,746 H
  • Stainless steel base and legs
  • 0.6L fuel reservoir gives up to 2h burning
  • Decorative stones & Decorative sand
  • Electronic Lighter and Extinguishing Tool
  • Stainless steel burner cup & Funnel/LI>
  • Instruction & Safety Manual

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    Price: £669.75 including VAT
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