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Fire Table Bio Fire (UIC020)

Looking for a designer coffee table featuring a real bio fire? Free fire from the fireplace with this coffee table incorporating glass bio fire feature - the amazing Fire Table Bio Fire; one of The Fire Collection from Arik Levy. This range of eco friendly bio fires is truly inspirational and for the first time designers have been able to bring fire to interior and exterior architecture without the constraints of fireplace, flue or chimney. Mesmeric dancing flames are incorporated into functional and contemporary pieces of design furniture. Arik Levy�s belief that the truth of the product lies in its function, has been captured in this design masterpiece combining elegant simplicity with the contemporary use of fire. Our Bio Fires use a specially formulated liquid fuel called FANOLA� bio ethanol, which is derived from sustainable and renewable plant extracts. This environmentally friendly bio fuel has undergone a series of purification and distillation process and as a result burns without any smoke or smell and does not leave any residue.
Fire Table Bio Fire Features
  • Dimensions(mm): 1260 Diam, 965H
  • 27mm powder coated steel
  • 0.6L Fuel resevoir gives upto 2h burning
  • Decorative sand and stones
  • Instruction & Safety Manual
  • Electronic Lighter and Extinguishing Tool
  • Stainless steel burner cup & Funnel/LI>
  • Glass cylinder & Outdoor cover

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    Price: £3120.00 including VAT
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