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Fire Line Insert (UIC069)

The new Fire Line bio fire insert has a flame length of 880mm, easily the longest available in any bio fire. The Fire Line combines contemporary, international design with the advanced technology of an environmentally friendly, smokeless ethanol based fire. The only biofire on the market with safety sensors controlling the bio fuel level and temperature; automatic warning lights and audible alarm regarding the temperature and the level of the fuel. These bio fires present new design constructs for any interior space creating a new dimension for room ambience. The Fire Line bio fire creates an exceptional atmosphere dynamically influencing both mood and thought. These eco friendly fires with their flickering flames and shadows stimulate our energy and through the atmosphere of change enhance our potential.
Fire Line Features
  • 800mm flame length
  • Dimensions(mm) 990W x 93H x 285L
  • Powder coated stainless steel bio fire insert
  • 5L Fuel reservoir for FANOLA� bio ethanol burning time 7hrs
  • Safety sensors � monitoring fuel level and temperature
  • Single pressed stainless steel burner
  • Fire Line must be set in fireproof material
  • Electronic pump for refuelling and separate electronic lighter
  • Installation and safety instructions

  • Price: £3525.00
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