FANOLA� Bio Fuel 12 x 1L

Forget Bio Fire Gel - The very best liquid bio fuel for your bio fire is FANOLA� bio ethanol, which is derived from sustainable and renewable plant extracts. Fanola environmentally friendly bio fuel burns without any smoke or smell and does not leave any residue.

FANOLA� bio ethanol for eco fires has been approved by The Environmental Toxicology Department of the National Institute of Hygiene; providing the bio fuel has been used in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended operation and safety instructions.

Apart from heat, the only other combustion products produced when burning this wholly renewable bio fuel, are carbon dioxide and water, which are given off in similar proportions as exhaled human breath.

Fanola is available in cases of either 4 x 5L or 12 x 1L. Even suitable for gel fires and can be used for all other makes of bio fire including Prestigious, Ecosmart, Biofactory, Fire Bowl, Glass Fires, Decoflame.

  • Produces no smoke or odour and leaves no residue
  • Burns fully and is completely clean
  • Produces a real fire with hypnotic dancing flames
  • FANOLA� bio ethanol fuel is a renewable and sustainable fuel
  • No license / permission required
  • German T�V and Swedish SITAC tested

Our price: £46.00 (69.04) including VAT

Weight 10.00 kgs