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Digifire� Flame Pro PF10 (UIC067)

Digifire� Flame Pro PF10, is from the Digifire� Technology range from Planika. Digifire� is an innovative and revolutionary fire system combining the benefits of biofire technology with automation and couch control! With a simple click of the remote you can bring your room to life with real fire and add immediate depth and texture to your interior space. Fire at your fingertips or alternatively the unit can be programmed to come on at particular times of the day or night. Using eco friendly FANOLA� Digi bio ethanol, which is a renewable and sustainable fuel made from plant extracts, produces no smoke or smell and does not leave any residue.
Digifire� Flame Pro PF10 Features
  • Dimensions(mm) 1690L x 440W
  • Recess(mm) 1660L x 410W x 340D
  • Flame Length 1100mm
  • Acid proof steel and powder coated steel
  • Optional tempered glass shields
  • Digifire� Technology - fully automatic pumping system
  • Remote operated fire ignition and extinguishing system
  • Non stop burning duration 5 hours
  • Must be set in fireproof material
  • Professional installation required
  • Safety & instruction manual

  • Price: £8400.00 including VAT
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